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Strings & World Music Soloists
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World Music Soloists For Hire

World Music Soloists


Maya Wind Player

Angel is a musician of Yucatec Maya descendence. He plays a variety of mesoamerican Wind and Percussion Instruments.


Inca Wind Player

Fabricio plays a variety of wind instruments. Being an Inca descendent himself, he integrates ancient and modern music technology. 


World Music Player

David has a passion for world instruments. From the charango to the banjo, he likes to explore and practice a range of different World Music instruments.


Percussion Player

Jacinto has a strong passion for drumming. He can be seen in batucadas in Brazil to playing recycled drums in the streets of Portugal.

Strings For Hire


"I totally recommend working with Guido! Besides being a very talented musician, he is profesional, transparent, and friendly. When he tracked violin parts for one of my projects (remotely), he offered to do video call during the recording, which I really appreciated. I was happy with both the recording quality and performance. He is a great communicator and plays beautifully!" - Belén Vivero

"Guido is my go to guy for violin. I love working with him. He’s extremely talented. He’s reliable, resourceful, and he always sounds great. Guido will not let you down! Highly recommended." - Ben Zuderweig

How Does It Work?
A comprehensive guide step by step

Request a Quote

When I receive your quote request and specific needs, I will send you an exact quote. All the recording equipment studio cost are included. Payment will be processed and we move on to the next step.

Send me your File

Send me your score, MIDI file, ProTools/Reaper/Ableton/Cubase session, or mp3.

I Record it

We will record your score to your specifications.

You Receive it

When all the recordings are completed, I will send them to you via a Dropbox link. Easy as that.



AKG C414

DPA 4099

Shure SM57


Apogee Duet



Cubase Pro 10.5

Ableton Live 11 Suite



Ready To Hire?

Request a Quote

Just send it our way :)

I love to hear about new projects in which I can help.

Let's have a chat and talk about how can I best serve you.

Calle 25 A # 206 por 26 D y 28 San Jose Chuburna, Merida, Yucatan, Mexico, 97206

Guido Arcella

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