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In the ruins of a brutal civil war, a daughter sits with her mother’s shattered crown. The Kingdom, segregated into a strict caste-system, struggles to sustain a poverty-stricken land. The daughter, sword and crown in hand, infiltrates the Gilded Empress’ decadent palace, seeking revenge. She battles waves of the queen’s minions, adopting her enemies’ combat styles for victory. With each battle, the daughter realizes her potential to be empress. Upon slaughtering the Gilded Empress’ generals, the daughter arrives in the queen’s throne room, empowered with her newly found combat skills. By slaying the empress, the land returns to order, safe under the rule of the benevolent princess.


Our clients testimonials.


    Gameplay Programmer

    A team of professionals: Guido Arcella is a person who listens and understands the client's needs, always takes suggestions into account, and strives to exceed expectations.
    Very humble, we would certainly work again.


    Game Producer

    I met Arcella while working as the Producer of Identity. During the process Arcella consistently delivered high quality work . I was always happy and excited to talk to Arcella because of their ability to understand the vision of the project and their passion to work on it.

    Arcella went above and beyond what was asked and quickly to respond to any of our needs. I highly recommend Arcella and my greatest wish is to work with them again on future projects.


    Deputy Director

    SMU Guildhall has had a long-standing relationship with Arcella Sound. Starting in 2011, they have collaborated on the music and sound design for over two-dozen video game projects over the years. In addition, Arcella Sound has kindly offered technical expertise and guidance to the various sound designers here.


    Game Producer

    Arcella came in and gave our Kickstarter video for Beach Bum Games ( a lot of the personality it needed, from Caribbean music to ambient sound effects, to a general cleanup of the originally recorded sound itself.

    As a bonus, he allowed me to indulge in practicing my Spanish during our discussions on SKYPE, even though Guido obviously has perfect mastery of the English language...

    A professional through and through, there will be a lot more work for them once we launch the project itself because the Kickstarter will be, I am convinced, a resounding success!


    Game Producer

    I have had the pleasure of working with Arcella on two proojects. The first being Luft, a multiplayer Swiss inspired FPS, and the other being Scrapped, a single player junkyard-style platformer. With each of these experiences, Arcella delivered incredible, high quality tracks. Each directly corresponding to the tone and theme of the games. However, if there were any adjustments needed, Arcella promptly and professionally addressed them.


    Lead Game Producer

    Guido Arcella is a very driven and passionate composer. The compositions he made for our game Inua shined through and hit the theme of the game perfectly.

    Arcella worked with us to make music that worked with the very unique puzzle progression mechanic of our game. Not only was Arcella's compositions beautiful, but made in a unique way to be as provoking as possible in the game. I grateful to have worked with Arcella and highly recommend him to any seeking a talented game composer.


    Game Producer

    I had the pleasure of working with Arcella during the production of The ALEX Protocol, a third person action game for the PC platform. They created all the music featured in the game.

    They also designed a dynamic music system that changes based on player actions, heightening their emotional connection to the gaming experience.

    Guido Arcella is a consummate professional and gifted composer. He was always eager to incorporate feedback from users and the team into his work, and his music fit superbly with the game. I recommend his work without hesitation. If you want truly epic music that will leave users with an unforgettable experience, go Arcella or go home!


    Game Producer

    Arcella was a joy to work with. They worked very fast, and the quality of the music was phenomenal. They understood the vision and tone we wanted to incorporate, and they executed it beautifully.


    Level Designer

    I met Arcella when beginning production on a one of my game projects. They came to our meeting with a clear set of goals and priorities for creating our soundtrack. They came back with musical concepts in no time at all.

    Arcella kept in constant contact throughout production and were always open to feedback. Arcella's soundtrack set the tone for our entire game, elevating our quality to the next level.


    Game Producer

    Arcella was an absolute joy to work with on our game, Super Slash 'n Grab. We communicated often about the music direction and styling in order to find solutions that best matched the theme and tempo of our game.

    A large part of why our game was successful can be attributed to Arcella's tireless work and drive towards perfection. They were extremely open to feedback and input throughout the entire process. Arcella's work is both professional and inspiring.


    Game Producer

    Arcella has an infectious passion for music composition that seeps into everything he creates. They openly communicate their steps and rationale throughout development, and have a knack supporting the player experience through sound.

    In mid-production on one of my projects, we proposed a dynamic music system with layered tracks that was outside of the original design. While other composers might have been unsettled by the change, Arcella loved the idea and ran with it. Their contribution brought a much-needed sense of progression to the game.


    Game Producer

    When my teams were looking for quality music composition, I turned to Arcella. Their ability to compose high-quality soundtracks with little instruction are a testament to their skill. Hopefully, our paths cross again in the future.

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Sound for games is my passion.


Hi there! My name's Guido Arcella. Welcome to my site.

Arcella Sound is an outsourcing game audio studio based in Merida, Mexico. I have worked in music and sound production for over sixteen years and have been doing game audio for games since 2011.

I found myself helping out game dev students early in my college education. Games call for collaboration to build them, and I was fascinated at how video games can unify and make community through passion. 

Ever since, I have built my dream to meet and help as much as I can game developers across the world while learning from each project along the way. Each aspect of game design has to be understood, so the more I learn the better I can do my job as a game audio producer. Each game I work is unique and absorbing new ways of making games keeps me fresh and motivated!


My essential hats inside game audio.


Interactive Music Production

Making music for games is very different from linear media. Understanding the game mechanics of the project is necessary to build a coherent interactive music system that can serve accordingly with the project.

Sound Design

Involves all the sound scope of your project with a clear hierarchy of foreground, middle-ground and background sounds.

Mixing & Mastering

I audition and render all the music and/or sounds to have coherence between each other and establish optimal sounding levels for your platform devices.

Audio Implementation

I can work alongside your game programmer to minimize workload from your side. I work with Wwise, Unity and Unreal.

Trailers & Cinematics

Creating "Huh" moments in linear media with epic music and sound design to bring your upcoming project to life.

Among Others...

I provide audio localization, dialogue recording, foley, to music licensing. Every single game has its own demands and I'm here to make them met.

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