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The Advantages Of Thinking About Music Early On In Movie Development

Key aspects of music for films that are best to think about early on in the development of your project to ensure a one-of-a-kind result

Since sound first appeared in movies many years ago, it has played a huge role in the evolution of the plot and cinema itself. As time passed by, movie soundtracks became the stars of films, helping projects become quickly recognizable by people. It is not for nothing that music for films has its own category in many awards!

In this post, we want to dive deep into some of the advantages of thinking about music early on in movie development and why we recommend you take the time to find quality composers that care about your project.

Brings Your Project To Life

To begin with some of the advantages of thinking about music early on in the development of your film, the first one we want to mention is that it helps bring your project to life.

Once you’re done filming scenes and are ready to enter the post-production stage, music plays a key role that undeniably makes your film look like it’s finally ready.

Music for films can help scenes go from average to blockbuster-like, and if you’re a producer and do not have a big budget for filming, you can turn this around by investing in a high-quality and tailor-made film soundtrack.

Apart from this, thinking about music early on during movie development can help with delivering a specific message to the audience in a well-planned way, where scenes and music are intertwined and become one whole creative piece.

If you’re a film director or producer, think about movies with excellent soundtracks you like and why. Seeing it this way can help you understand what you’d like to achieve as a director/producer and as a viewer too.

Helps Put Everything Together

Many directors and producers leave the musical aspect of the film for the end, and while this is acceptable and went great for many, others tend to struggle and even compromise the final result of the movie.

What do we mean by this? Well, thinking about music as a separate thing from a film can cause struggles once all the scenes are done; directors or producers that have at least some idea of the type of music they want specific scenes to have are more likely to create an organic project.

Music not only helps put everything together and make the audience have a unique experience but also determines the tone and approach of each scene. You can pair a scene with any musical piece you’d like, but—and here’s a big difference you probably saw in other movies—having a unique and original song or fragment created for a specific scene can truly make your project one-of-a-kind.

Fight scenes that synchronize fists and bodies falling with flamboyant drums, close-to-death characters alongside beautiful and suffering violins made specifically for that scene, and others are some examples of the statement mentioned above.

Big Motivation For The Team

Motivation is a huge thing in movie development, and in some cases can make or break the project entirely.

Beginning a new film is exciting and fun, but all directors and producers experience a lack of motivation (or a significant decrease in it) at least once during production.

Working on a film soundtrack can help with motivation as well as give the team a rest from their daily filming activities and bring new ideas to the table regarding scenes and other key aspects of a movie.

Finding quality composers is an excellent way to connect with your film even more, and work on the details of each scene, combining music with subtle movements and events that will result in a truly unique project.

Quick Recognition From Your Audience

If you think about Mission: Impossible, Star Wars, Ghostbusters, or any other huge movie, what do they have in common? They can be easily recognized by their soundtrack.

A well-planned musical repertoire can help your project join the list of movies that can be easily known for their music. By thinking about music early on in the development of your movie, you can focus your mind on certain details that are key to making the audience have a unique experience.

Further, if you start working on the music right from the beginning of your project or close to it, you have more time to finish everything in case something doesn’t go as planned or you end up not liking the final result of each song.

It is better to start over with spare time than leave a musical piece that you don’t like or doesn’t really go with the theme of a scene. Or thinking about it in a different way, it is better to take your time and truly immerse yourself with the composers in the creative process of developing a movie soundtrack.

Music & Development Of Movies

In this article, we went through the advantages of thinking about music early on in the development of the project and why we highly recommend you take the time to connect with composers.

Leaving music for films at the end can result in discrepancies in your scenes and the overall plot of the movie, and it can make things difficult regarding creating a unique experience for the audience.

We recommend starting your project and the musical part of it roughly at the same time, and we have excellent resources and the best composers to help you out with that. Arcella Sound is an experienced company that creates original soundtracks for film and video games, and we can handle all types of projects with a professional and tailored approach.

If you’d like to connect with us and know more about how we can help you and your project, send us a message or book a discovery call so we can discuss further details.

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