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How The Power Of Music In Storytelling Can Make All The Difference

Music in storytelling can make or break a project, and in this article, we’ll go over every aspect of the topic so you can choose the best music theme for yours.

As a producer, choosing the right music theme for a movie or video game is extremely important, but you don’t need to have all the answers or exact songs in your mind to make this happen. There are many companies dedicated to the production of music for this niche, such as Arcella Sound, that are ready to help you on your quest.

In this article, we’ll dive deep into the importance of music in storytelling focusing on key aspects like the impact it has on the audience, the entertainment industry, and how the right music theme can scale your business and the results after the people have seen your project.

Why Invest In Music For Storytelling?

Music is an essential part of storytelling and plays a key role in the development of the plot of any video game or movie. As a viewer or player, you might notice how the music changes according to what’s happening, how the characters are feeling, or the anticipation of a future event; without the proper musical companion, these acts will not be viewed and felt the same.

The power of music in storytelling has to do with making the audience emotional and engaged with what they’re seeing, enhancing their experience as much as possible.

This, in return, results in stimulating many senses that make the audience feel a lot of things at the same time, not in an overwhelming way but in a perfectly orchestrated strategy. In the following parts, we’ll dive deep into the role of music in storytelling and why it is important to discover the music theme for your project.

Music Enhances The Narrative

All movies and video games have a specific music theme or recognizable songs that go with the narrative, but why is that? Music enhances the narrative by providing an extra sense the audience can’t ignore, which can control how they feel at a certain moment.

For scenes that contain fighting, for example, the music chosen has to express anger and have a moderately rapid tempo to keep up with the actions of the character. In

contrast, for scenes of beautiful landscapes and horses running through a green field, it is recommended to choose calm and somewhat inspiring music.

By combining sight and hearing (in terms of music), a movie or video game can go from something average to a masterpiece. Further, by doing this, you can trigger people’s memories and make them associate your project with something they’ve experienced, heard, or seen while the music you chose was playing.

Create A Unique Experience With Music

Over the last few years, the number of movies and video games produced has increased at a rapid speed, and viewers have become a lot more demanding regarding the content they’re consuming.

The relationship between directors and producers with the audience has changed, and this has to do with many factors including listening to what the viewers are saying on social media to improve their projects. Currently, the audience’s opinion is absolutely everything, and it can make or break any video game or movie.

People want to have a unique experience with your project, and they’re no longer satisfied with minimal interventions. Choosing the right music theme for appropriate scenes is one of the most important parts to give the audience something they’ll never forget.

Music in storytelling has become so important that it has its own category in well-known awards such as the Oscars.

Scale Your Business With The Right Music Theme

Continuing with the idea just presented, the right music theme can scale your project, and consequently, your business. An idea that sells is an idea that can be reinvested into many more, and music can make this happen.

Music themes increase the value of your content by making the audience more engaged, driving the narrative to where you want, and increasing consumer retention.

These are three of the most important aspects you should consider when producing a video game if you want the project to succeed. What’s more, if you’re struggling with the budget available and do not have the resources to make the scenes as high-quality as you’d like, consider investing in finding the perfect music theme that can make the project go from average to award-worthy.

The impact you make on the audience with your project and the music chosen will later be found online on many people’s social media accounts, and this is not a minor fact to take into account. Social media has become a huge tool for producers to find out what people are saying regarding other projects and what they can improve to make the audience’s experience better.

Choosing The Right Music Theme

As a producer, you’re entitled to many tasks that are crucial for the end result, but you don’t have to do them alone or spend a lot of money trying to find answers to what you’re struggling with.

Arcella Sound is a company dedicated to the production of original music for film and video games exclusively focused on that niche. This means that all of our resources are oriented to film and video game studios that are able to create incredible products through story-telling.

Due to our wide range of music composition, audio implementation, and sound design, we know exactly how to craft the soundscape of your project and enhance its narration.

Thanks to our simplified soundtrack planning process that we present in a proposal document, we’re able to focus solely on the creative aspect at a rapid speed. Further,

we handle all elements involved in the soundtrack, so you only need to provide us with feedback in the revision process.

If you’re interested in working with us, feel free to send us an email at or book a discovery call.

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