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Arcella Sound [Logo] | Music for Film, Games & Media

Music for
Film, Games & Media

We find nothing more thrilling than creating the perfect soundtrack to bring your story to life.




At the Studio




Linear & Interactive

Music Production

Making music for interactive media is very different from linear media. Understanding these mechanics is necessary to build a coherent interactive music system that can serve accordingly with the project.

Sound Design

Involves all the sound scope of your project with a clear hierarchy of foreground, middle-ground and background sounds.

Mixing & Mastering

We audition and render all the music and/or sounds to have coherence between each other and establish optimal sounding levels for your platform devices.

Audio Implementation

We can work alongside your game programmer to minimize workload from your side. We work with Wwise, Unity and Unreal.

Trailers & Cinematics

Creating ​"Huh" moments in linear media with epic music and sound design to bring your upcoming project to life.

Among Others

We provide audio localization, dialogue recording, foley, to music licensing. Every single project has its own demands and we're here to make them met.




Arcella Sound was created with one purpose in mind: To help story-tellers discover their music themes.

We don't work with any other niche.

We focus solely on film and video game studios who create amazing products through their story-telling.

What makes us different?

We know how to craft the soundscape of your project with our wide-range of music composition, sound design and audio implementation (if necessary).

We've simplified the entire soundtrack planning process in a proposal document so we focus on the creative aspect asap.

We handle ALL the elements of the soundtrack. All you have to do is provide us with feedback through the revision process.

Why Us
Meet Arcella
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