Cole Kornell

Award-Winning Film Director

Winner at Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards

Guido worked with me on the commercial, "A Family's Alliance" for Alliance The Card Game, composing the perfect score. He was very professional, and easy to communicate with. We worked well together, back and forth, sharing ideas. He took my direction and thoughts very well and in the end he made a score that was exactly what I envisioned!

Ed Dearien

God of War Assistant Producer

Guido was a joy to work with. He helped our team by composing a soundtrack for our team game project, and it came out fantastic. He worked very fast, and the quality of the music was phenomenal. He understood the vision and tone we wanted to incorporate, and he executed it beautifully. I hope to work with him again, and I would definitely recommend him to anybody needing a composer.

Steve Stringer

SMU Guildhall Deputy Director

#1 Grad School for Game Dev (The Princeton Review)

SMU Guildhall has had a long-standing relationship with Arcella Sound. Starting in 2011, they have collaborated on the music and sound design for over two-dozen video game projects over the years. In addition, Guido has kindly offered technical expertise and guidance to the various sound designers on these projects over the years. 



With more than 30 IMDb credits, Arcella Sound has been producing music for the last 12 years. We've worked with worldwide productions in where we score, record, and also manage recording sessions with bands and orchestras, one of them inside Abbey Road Studios.

There's no doubt that Arcella Sound will do a fantastic job in your upcoming productions. We're here to serve, we're here to make shine your artistic vision.

Guido Arcella