"Guido was an absolute joy to work with. He and I communicated often about the music direction and styling in order to find solutions that best matched the theme and tempo of our game. A large part of why our game was successful can be attributed to Guido's tireless work and drive towards perfection.He was extremely open to feedback and input throughout the entire process. Guido's work is both professional and inspiring."


Associate Producer | IllFonic

"Guido is a very driven and passionate composer. Guido worked with us to make music that worked with the very unique puzzle progression mechanic of our game. Not only was Guido's compositions beautiful, but made in a unique way to be as provoking as possible in the game. I grateful to have worked with Guido and highly recommend him to any seeking a talented game composer."


Interactive Designer | Flight School Studio

"Guido has delivered incredible, high quality tracks. Each directly corresponding to the tone and theme of the games. However, if there were any adjustments needed, Guido promptly and professionally addressed them. He was such a blessing and truly saved the day for me in terms of audio!"


Associate Producer | Playful Corp

"I met Guido while working as the Producer of Identity. During the process Guido consistently delivered high quality work . I was always happy and excited to talk to Guido because of his ability to understand the vision of the project and his passion to work on it. Guido went above and beyond what was asked and quickly to respond to any of our needs. I highly recommend Guido as a Music Producer and my greatest wish is to work with him again on future projects."



"I managed several student-developed video games. When my teams were looking for quality music composition, I turned to Guido. His ability to compose high-quality soundtracks with little instruction is a testament to his skill. Hopefully, our paths cross again in the future."



"I met Guido when beginning production on a one of my game projects. He came to our meeting with a clear set of goals and priorities for creating our soundtrack. He came back with musical concepts in no time at all. Guido kept in constant contact throughout production and was always open to feedback. Guido's soundtrack set the tone for our entire game, elevating our quality to the next level."

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